RTV silicone rubbers used in biomedical applications

biomedical applications

Introduces the world’s Biomedical application mask that revolutionizes face mask’s quality and safety

Active electric field, moisture-driven power generation technology for PTFE filter

Not only PTFE filter technology giving a 99.9% protection, but we also employing a patented physiological electric field-induced antimicrobial impact, which help to kill virus and bacteria for up to seven days. The technology uses the metal powder matrix of the embedded micro battery to generate an electric field when the breath of moisture generates a conductive medium, harnessing the power of electricity to reduce the risk of infection. It can be eliminated within one minute after contact, resulting in damage to the structural integrity of the virus, and reduces the ability of the virus to infect.

RTV mask

Improved Safety and Wearability

The biocompatibility silicone is made of medical-grade silicone, which is biocompatible and has good anti-allergic properties. It uses special room-temperature-vulcanizing silicone material. Fluorine-containing elastomer, fluorine rubber, and fluorine-containing rubber are excellent sealing materials with compressibility. It is resistant to chemicals, oil, ozone, sunlight and extreme temperatures (minus 15 ~ 400°F); it is biocompatible and has good anti-allergic properties. It reduces allergies and “rubber” feelings. It does not cause skin allergies, easier to clean, and won’t wear off.

Nex-Si committed to researching and developing the world’s only new technology,

Our strategic partner, Nex-Si committed to researching and developing the world’s only new technology, the Ion technology successfully developed the new plasma surface treatments for RTV silicone and electroplating products. Used in biomedical materials applications, the plasma silicone surface treatment is as smooth as baby skin, greatly improved product quality. It separates us apart from the rest of common silicone products and/or rubber watchbands, which are generally processed with a layer of oil, making the watchband softer and more comfortable to the touch. Consequently, it brings out the allergic symptoms to wearers while our RTVmask won’t’ have to worry about.
RTVmask has excellent resistance to weather and disinfection. It passes SGS, ROHS, FDA, and additional biocompatibility (skin irritation, skin allergy, cytotoxicity) related food and medicine certification test standards. Its adjustable titanium binding bridge is designed ergonomically to ensure a perfect fit for all people. Note that respiratory protection can only be effective when the air smoothly passes through the filter device.

the world’s smallest, lightest, and most effective mask for protection against bacteria and viruses

iso-certified silicone that ensures an ergonomic fit and minimizes skin irritation.​​

the gel form of silicone is used in bandages and dressings, breast contact lenses, and a variety of other medical applications

new process technologies that optimize healthcare device quality and safety

Nexsi’s manufacturing facilities are ISO 13485 certified by the International Organization for Standards for medical-grade silicone devices. The company is also FDA registered for its breast implant devices.

As an added benefit, silicone is environmentally friendly compared to plastics. Over time, silicone breaks down into small particles that are harmless to the environment.

By creating a manufacturing environment that is the equivalent of outer space, Nex-si virtually eliminates air bubbles and creates a stable silicone mixture that ensures quality precision casting. This innovative manufacturing process is particularly important for healthcare devices that use multiple silicone substances, such as a mix of soft, gel, and hardened silicones, in the manufacture of a single device.

“Nexsi’s ground-breaking new approach to silicone manufacturing technology is the key to the RTV Respirator Mask’s snug yet comfortable fit..”

Improved Durability and Wearability
Medically field-tested
silicone mask that fits better and lasts longer
Water resistant
A hardened silicone frame to provide shape support and wearability
A silicone outer layer for softness and temperature control
A soft, rubberized silicone for straps to ensure a more comfortable fit
Protective Low chemical reactivity:

biocompatibility of RTV silicone rubbers facemask

silicone gel layer to reduce pressure and provide cushioning

Titanium Metal Nose Bridge Bar

Flexible titanium Metal Nose Bridge bars with a uniquely bendable design for enhanced stability allowing you to try all and determine the best fit for your face. Nex-SI technology minimizes pressure points and reduces skin irritation for a comfortable, lightweight fit. 3d Advanced Cushion Technology ergonomically conforms to the face for an effective, comfortable seal

Flexible titanium bridge

The nose bridge strip is made of high-quality titanium Metal Nose Bridge Bar, which can be bent and folded at a moderate thickness. It can be bent easily to fit for your nose bridge to get optimal comfort

reduces skin relieve Pressure

reduces skin relieve Pressure localized injury to the skin underlying tissue usually over a bony prominence, as a result of pressure

ergonomically conforms to face

An ergonomic face mask is provided includes a cushion that provides a seal with the face

comfortable seal

Soft Seal Mask with Cushioned Comfort


Fishing particulates with
PRO PTFE membrane

99.8% against PM 0.075 Personal Protective Military Specifications

With 70nm membrane physical filtration, utilizing the nanoporous structure of the membrane, 99.9% of particulate matter larger than 0.075μm can be filtered. Furthermore, 95% of oil particles can be blocked. PTFE is also waterproof, air permeable, oil-resistant, and more, providing effectively perfect defense.

RTV mask Fit test & Fit check

Protection from airborne contaminants. Fit is critical – one size does NOT fit all


Faces can vary widely in shape, size and proportion, so selecting the correct model is vital for safe fit

good seal

Faces can vary widely in shape, size, and proportion, so selecting the correct model is vital for the safe fit


Tight-fitting respirators should be tested: disposable respirators

Fit Testing

Fit Testing should happen during the initial selection of RPE, before being worn in a hazardous environment

Fit Test methods

The most common Fit Test methods are the Qualitative Taste Test and Quantitative Particle Counting Device.​


When fit checking, wearers use negative and pressure techniques to judge the quality of fit

Filter Testing & Certification

Taiwan TTRI

PM0.075 μm test > 99.9%

Nelson VFE

Viral Filtration Efficiency 0.3 μm test > 99.9%

Nelson BFE

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency 3.0 μm test > 99.9%

Nelson DOP

Dioctyl Phthalate 0.3 μm test > 95.3%

Nelson SBP

Synthetic Blood Penetration > 120mm Hg

Taiwan CNS

CNS 15980

ISO certified


ISO certified surgical grade silicone that is skin friendly, reducing pressure and the potential for allergy on the skin.

Precise Fit

Unique hard-and-rubber in one structure that will fit precisely to the curve of the face

biomedical applications

RTV mask Technical Specifications

RTV face mask

Mask shell Reusable; biomedical applications


4 x Air Purification filters; PTFE membrane + micro-current electric field filter; Double pairs of valves and double filters; nanotechnology

Valves and filters

Micro-current electric field Non-woven filter, PTFE Nano porous membranes

Silicone grade

Silicone grade

Silicone surface treatment

physical process Biocompatibility surface treatment (baby skin touch)

Valves material

ABS plastic, chemical resistance, highest level of flame suppression, the most important standard for human contact by the Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare

Valves system

Left: Entrained room air and exhalation room air Right: Entrained room air and right exhalation room air






Black and transparent

General purpose

All purposes except environments with toxic chemical pollution

Filter specifications

Nanoporous membranes manufactured through biaxial expansion based on the pore forming characteristic of polytetrafluoroethylene resins

Filter holes

Each square millimeter of the membrane can have billions of pores, with pore diameter between 0.1μm-0.5μm, hundred times smaller than the diameter of water droplets (20μm-100μm) but tens of thousands times bigger than water vapor molecules (0.0003μm-0.0004μm), so water vapors may pass through while water droplets may not.

Filter Testing & Certification

Taiwan TTRI , Taiwan CNS , Nelson VFE , Nelson BFE ,Nelson DOP , Nelson SBP , Taiwan CNS

Sterilization and disinfection

Active electric field, moisture-driven power generation

Filter characteristics

Waterproof, humidity, Permeability, Flame Retardancy , Durability , Diversification

Mask Fit test & Fit check

Face, good seal, Tight-fitting, Fit Testing, Pressure testing

ISO certified

ISO 13845:2016

Nose Bridge Bar

Medical titanium binding bridge


Ergonomically conforms to face; reduces pressure sores