RTV silicone rubbers used in biomedical applications

Running and Cycling is not Enough, Exercise with Pure Air!

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RTV sports mask

Nelson Labs testing,Rtvmask  sports breathing mask with PFE nano75 protection function can filter over 99% harmful substances in the air, such as PM2.5 and PM10, It also has a waterproof element so it can be used indoor or outdoor for cycling, running or weightlifting training etc.

 RTVmasks are made with PTFE material that doesn’t interfere with breathing
– Breathable and lightweight in design, won’t make you feel suffocated during rigorous exercise. We provide a perfect fit for any face shape or size to ensure an optimal level of protection

RTVmask are made with biocompatibility silicone, and exclusive PTFE filter technology, which can block very fine PM0.075~PM2.5 particles in the air from entering your lungs. It also isolates oily fume and bacteria, aerosols and suspended particles in the air so you can have a healthier life with less pollution exposure.

It also has a waterproof element so it can be used indoor or outdoor for cycling, running or weightlifting training etc..

The best breathable protective mask for running and indoor retraining

Sport pure air filtration
Double-layer PTFE daily disposable no-clean filter
The 3D fitting mechanism on the face has the highest air density
Strong antibacterial block virus to give you A-level protection

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Scope of application items for sports masks

Moderate Endurance Exercise

*Treadmill for 20 minutes and 10 kilometers (normal use) *Mid-intensity exercise flywheel (normal use) *Treadmill for 20 minutes and 10 kilometers (normal use) *Long-term low-intensity exercise (normal use)​

High-intensity interval training (limited)

*Flywheel or bicycle (to be tested) *Running or running in place (normal use) *Poppy jump (to be tested) *Open and close jump (to be tested)​ *Push up (normal use)​ *Squat height Leg raise (to be tested)​ *Skip rope (to be tested)​

Fitness heavy training exercise

*Self-training (normal use) * Resistance band training (normal use) * Mechanical training (normal use) * Rope training (to be tested) * Free weight training (normal use) * Core abdominal training (normal use) * Leg training (Normal use) *Latissimus, posterior deltoid, biceps (normal use) *Back training: single-arm rowing dumbbells (to be tested)


*Mountain bike (normal use) *Road bike (normal use) *Sports outing (normal use)

water sports

*Canoe (to be tested)​ *Tracking up the river (to be tested)​ *SUP stand-up paddle boarding (normal use) *Jet (normal use) *sailing (to be tested)​


*Hada Yoga (normal use) *Healing Yoga (to be tested) *. Eight series yoga (to be tested) *Universal Yoga (to be tested) * Pilates (Pilates) * Anti-gravity fitness ( To be tested)​

Breathable and protective sports mask for blocking bacterial variants of the new crown virus

Breathe freely and run faster